Maryann Howard - Oak Mortgage Group

Maryann Howard

Home is where the heart is - no other phrase better describes why I am in the business of home loans.  Where we live - our home and our community - is the center point of our world, shaping our experience and feeding us in so many ways.  Your home is your castle, your peaceful respite, or the busy hub of family activity.  

And just to complicate things, your home is also the biggest single investment you may ever make.  Talk about the heart of the matter!  These two elements of home ownership can feel out of sync - a dream on the other hand, a calculated investment on the other. 

The bridge that links these twin ideals of home ownership is home financing - the way we make dream homes reality.  But obtaining a mortgage puts you into a world of complicated financing options, complicated processes, and legal requirements that can be daunting for the most savvy amongst us.  A big investment, an emotional and financial decision and a complicated process - you need help, real attention and good information, now more than ever.  A personal guide!  

Here is where I come.  I work hand-in-glove with my customers to navigate the world of home finance with the most personal, tailored approach in the industry.  I build relationships wit my clients, so I can understand their needs, hear their aspirations and their challenges, and craft the right home purchase solution for them.